dewatering project USACE Griffin Dewatering Company Drainage and Pipeline Dewatering System


Langdon, missouri

Dewatering services to aid in the removal and construction of a new junction structure that was damaged due to past Missouri River flooding along the L550 USACE levee.


The work for this fast tracked project took place in an existing drainage ditch that needed to remain in use during construction activities. The area was also surrounded by existing levees and was in close proximity to existing relief wells. The dewatering wells had to be located such that they were not in the levee toe or within 40 ft. of an existing relief well.


The general contractor had to competitively seek out qualified bidders to handle the dewatering efficiently and effectively. Griffin’s plan was ultimately selected for being the most responsive, complete, and capable bid, even though it was not the lowest cost. Griffin’s design consisted of deep wells, a dual generator system with auto switch gear, and telemetry to remotely determine flows and notify the team in case of generator failure or a decrease in groundwater flow.


Griffin had previously completed several other structures very similar in size and scope in the area, so Griffin was able to turn around a bid and subsequent submittal quickly. The USACE representatives on this project were especially attentive to detail. With Griffin’s past experience we were able to get the USACE exactly what they needed to get the work approved.

Once approved, Griffin had a very short schedule to install and pull together manpower, equipment, and materials. Not only did Griffin accomplish this in a short time frame, but Griffin delivered a successful dewatering system that dried up the site as designed.