Dewatering Adviser

How To Use the Dewatering Adviser:

The Dewatering Adviser can help you learn about options and considerations for selecting a dewatering system.

In the Input section:

  1. Enter your excavation parameters (length, width and depth)
  2. Select the excavation method from the drop-down list. The options are Open Cut, Steel Sheeting, H-Beam and Lagging, and Other.
  3. Enter the water table depth
  4. Select the general soil profile from the drop-down list. The options are Sand, Silt, Clay, Gravel and Stratified.

Click the Calculate button.

To change the input parameters, click the Reset button.

The Output section will show:

  1. Flow Estimate: An estimated range of flow (from low to high in gallons per minute). Note: An accurate flow determination must be calculated before the dewatering system can be properly designed. Learn more about Groundwater Modeling.
  2. System Options: System options will show a generalized dewatering approach based on the input you provided.
  3. Considerations: Issues to consider regarding dewatering based on the parameters provided.

To send your Dewatering Adviser input to a Griffin expert for a detailed review of your project, please click Get a Quote.   You can also contact Griffin Dewatering at (713) 676-8000.

Disclaimer: This calculator is intended to give a generalized overview of the potential project dewatering needs. No warranties, guarantees, or liability is expressed or implied by this calculator. Final dewatering needs should be evaluated by an experienced dewatering engineer.