Des Moines University Eductor Dewatering System

Des Moines University Slope Stabilization

Des Moines, IA

Griffin designed and installed a dewatering system to mitigate groundwater seepage from a hillside, preventing slope failure.


The contractor’s goal was to build a new building to make it look as if it was coming out of the hillside. Once the hillside was excavated, sand seams were exposed and high groundwater was encountered. The sand and water started to flow and landslides began to occur. Griffin had to figure a way to dewater from the top of the hill where the ground was stable. Without dewatering, the hillside was going to continue to fail and collapse.


The solution was to install a dewatering system from the top of the hill and try to intercept and lower the groundwater before it could daylight out the hillside. To accomplish this, Griffin elected to utilize our eductor dewatering system.

Turner had to build an access road into the heavily vegetated area, and Griffin drilled 80 eductors up to 50 ft. deep to bedrock, along a 600LF alignment. Two pumping stations were required to run this system.


Griffin is one of only a few National dewatering contractors that have and fully utilize eductor systems. This system was more effective than other conventional dewatering systems and more economical than other alternatives such as trenching or retaining walls.