Buzzard Point

Washington, D.C.

JMA contracted Griffin to develop and install groundwater control and treatment systems
for the new construction of a mixed‐use building in Washington, D.C.


The site is in an urban setting adjacent to the Anacostia River. No reliable water quality test had been performed that tested for iron and manganese. Our experience with multiple projects in this region of DC provide the knowledge that there may be high levels of these contaminants. These concentrations may create a significant spike the treatment price and footprint. JMA communicated that they were placing their faith in Griffin to design adequate systems to address their groundwater control and treatment. 


Griffin installed 17 gravel packed wells, 2 piezometers and a water treatment system. We performed an initial water quality test from an onsite monitoring well to gain an understanding of the client’s unique treatment system requirements. Our water treatment experts designed a treatment system to include iron sequestration and kept the treatment cost and footprint to a minimum. 

Once we installed a portion of the dewatering wells, we performed a pump test and drew additional water quality data which helped to determine a more accurate anticipated flow rate. By performing the tests simultaneously with the dewatering installation, we avoided any delays in the process


Griffin took an active role in working with the client to come up with additional ways to gather needed data. This built confidence in our systems and in Griffin while reducing risk. There are specific costs associated with uncertainty, dollars, time, and space. Rather than accepting the unknown, we helped the client by collecting more data, which built confidence and reduced risk. Griffin addressed the site uncertainties by convincing JMA to perform additional tests and by performing our own tests while reducing risk.


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