Wellpoint Dewatering Systems

What is Wellpoint Dewatering?

A Wellpoint Dewatering system is a versatile, cost-effective pre-drainage solution that features individual wellpoints which are closely spaced around the excavation.

This technique utilizes vacuum to assist in lowering groundwater levels to create a stable, dry working environment. Wellpoints are especially suited to shallower excavations or excavations taking place in fine-grained soils.

Wellpoint System Design

Wellpoint systems consist of a series of small-diameter wellpoints installed at a pre-determined depth (usually 23ft deep or less) on relatively close centers. They are quick to install & can handle a wide range of flows.

The pump serves three basic functions:

Wellpoint Installation

Single & Multi-Stage Systems

Wellpoint systems are limited by suction lift and can only lower water below grade to a certain point (depending on the altitude). Systems are often installed as a Single-Stage or Multi-Stage because of these limitations:

Advantages & Limitations