FedEx - Dane County Regional Airport

Madison, Wisconsin

Griffin provided turnkey installation of dewatering and water treatment equipment for PFOA/PFOS removal.


When Griffin arrived onsite the water table was 3 ft. higher than listed on the Geotechnical Report which led to higher volumes of pumping to achieve drawdown. Griffin had been contracted to install a treatment system to discharge 150 GPM consistently. To accommodate the highwater levels additional flow needed to be treated for discharge.


Griffin provided Trackpunch jetting installation of a wellpoint system around the perimeter of the foundation and installed a treatment system capable of handling the 150 GPM. Griffin then increased the size of the treatment system to 250 GPM.

Griffin provided operation and maintenance of the systems during night hours and on weekends. An Auto-dialer system was installed to inform the contractor and Griffin when the system needed attention to change filter bags, had high operating pressures or low flow, etc.


The dewatering and treatment equipment was in great working condition and utilizing local Union help for the installation and Operation and Maintenance kept cost down and kept the excavation moving. Being able to provide an increase in the treatment system size in a timely and cost-efficient method kept the project moving forward.


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