Groundwater Treatment & Contaminants

groundwater treatment and filtration

What is Groundwater Treatment

Treatment of site water to remove pollutants to meet water quality requirements before discharge.

Identifying Groundwater Contaminants

Environmental and geotechnical reports are the primary source of information. Reports may not include water quality data for nuisance contaminants that could interfere. 

Phase 1 Environmental Assessment

Phase 2 Environmental Study

Common Contaminants

Below are contaminants that require treatment prior to discharge. Identifying contaminants that aren’t regulated in discharge permits is essential because of their impact on system performance & filtration media:

Not Regulated but Impacts Treatment 

Treatment & Filtration System Components

water treatment settling tank

Settling Tank

water treatment adsorption

Adsorption Vessels

Discharge Permits

Permitting depends on local, state, and federal regulations. Water quality requirements vary based on the discharge point. Project permits will define water quality level that needs to be met.